We are playing a set at RBC in Deep Ellum this Friday, March 18th, at 9:00pm as part of DAMN: Dallas Ambient Music Nights XII.  Come out for some super spaced-out ambient exploratory sonic daydream nightmares!



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Thursday Dec 3, 2015
J&J’s Pizza on the Square
118 W. Oak St., Denton, TX

anteroom (10pm)
Gin Hell (8pm)


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1670294556591047/


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Here is a video clip and some photos from our June 14 performance at at The Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, TX.  Video/photos by Mary Myers.  Thanks for the great documentation, Mary!

Sound Space






Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space Sound Space


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11073466_10153191395049300_7817753551992823656_nanteroom will be performing at The Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, TX on June 14 as part of the SoundSpace: Musical Outsiders event. Inspired by the exhibition “Wildly Strange: The Photographs of Ralph Eugene Meatyard,” this installment of SoundSpace features output by musicians who work outside the mainstream. We hope to see you there!


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On Friday, March 13, we will be performing as part of the ex mus concert event Expanded Sleep: Performance for Somnolent or Sleeping Audience. The concert will be held at Beefhaus in Dallas (833 Exposition Avenue). Our performance begins at 8:00pm. More about the show from the Facebook event page. Audience members are encouraged to sleep in the space. Bring your sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows for a night of tranquil sonic oblivion.


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Taking Pictures

Check it out on our store page.


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June 14

The Blanton Museum of Art

Austin, TX


February 20

The Double Wide

Dallas, TX


February 18

The Crown and Harp

Dallas, TX


February 16

The Crown and Harp

Dallas, TX


§333 · February 9, 2015 · audio ·

We played a show in Denton, TX with Felix Tellez joining us on electric guitar. The venue was called Macaroni Island, some of the other band on the bill included Bukkake Moms, Violent Squid, Attic Ted, and Wiving. All great sets, what a show! We were able to catch about 25 minutes of our set on tape. Enjoy!


§326 · June 8, 2014 · audio ·

We are pleased to release a collection of short improvisations, ‘Thank you for your quick reply.”. In 2008 Jon and Andrew (along with others such as Adam Goodwin, Felix Tellez, and Michael Morgan) began playing music together in a free improvisation context, later moving towards the exploration of text scores. After four years of focusing on text as a medium for musical ideas, this album reaches back to the roots of anteroom, and drops instruction altogether to rely solely on the internal and external communicative act of music performance. The two primary goals during the recording of this album were 1) to discuss what kind of music would occur as little as possible, and 2) to have fun. This album was most certainly enjoyable to record.

Jon Jackson – Drums
Andrew Jordan Miller – Rhodes
Thank you to Chaz Underriner and Greg Dixon for their fantastic engineering and mastering work respectively.


§316 · March 27, 2014 · audio ·

Manfred Werder

anteroom’s realization of Manfred Werder’s composition “2005/1″ has been released by Another Timbre as part of an online collection of different realizations of the piece by different musicians from around the world. Listen to anteroom’s realization.

Special thanks to Simon Reynell from Another Timbre for asking us to contribute to this project.  Many thanks to Manfred for writing such a beautiful score.


Recording Notes:

“Fifteen minutes divided into three five minute sections, each corresponding to a different interpretation of the text score, similar to our previous performance of the work. In the first section, we placed time-sounds (radio alarm and alarm buzzer) spatially and temporally. In the second section, we contributed performative sounds to the place, time and sounds already present. In the final section we allowed the place and time of the performance space to sound by increasing the gain of the environmental sounds outside the performance space which were being gathered by microphones positioned through open windows and amplified through two speakers on either side of us.”

Recorded at Emergent Media Labs, Denton, TX
Recorded and Mixed by Jason Fick

Manfred Werder


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